Parent Involvement Courses

Parental Involvement Professional Development Series
When educators form partnerships with families to support learning, children are more
inclined to succeed -- not just in school, but throughout life.
Straight Talk About Sex - Parents and Community Groups
Our Straight Talk About Sex program provides parents with the tools to have effective, meaningful conversations with their preteen or teen about sex.
Parentís Guide to Summer Vacation
Provide parents with an informative, hands-on training that will assist in research based ideas, activities, and resources that can be used during summer vacation.
Parents Guide to Reading Instruction
This program is a comprehensive curriculum that provides effective strategies and techniques parents can use at home to encourage the joy of reading.
The ABC's of Standardized Testing
This program is a comprehensive curriculum that provides an explanation of testing and strategies parents can use at home to assist students through the rigor of standardized testing.
Writing Workshops for Parents
This program is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that provides effective strategies for everyday writing instruction.
Family Game Night
Playing games with children ought to be second only to reading to them. Games engage the cognitive functions of the brain in a way no other activity can.
Bully be Gone
This course will educate parents on how to recognize and address the social and emotional situations that students face daily.
Absolutely Awesome! Thank you CEC for a kick-butt outing!!!!!!!! I am not sure who had a better time...the students or the staff! We will be back for more... -Michael Ponzio