Green is Good - Environment and Gardening

Introduce your students to the healthful and relaxing benefits of cultivating their own garden. Students will be guided through a series of educational activities to aid in learning about the environment and how mankind interacts with it.
Plan, Plant, Cultivate, Harvest, and Celebrate
Experience how hard work can figuratively and literally bare fruit
Chicago Northside Tour - Lakefront, Parks, Cemeteries, and History
Enjoy Chicago's Graceland Cemetery, Lincoln Park Conservatory, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago History Museum, Millenium Park anf the Chicago Cultural Center.
Chicago Botanic Garden School Tour
Botanic Garden field trips allow your students to explore while you lead them through the Garden. Science, language arts, literature, history, geography, art, and other subjects can be explored throughout the different gardens.
Thank you Debi and CEC for a wonderful Green is Good program this summer. Our children loved growing their own gardens. They especially enjoyed the harvest and group party. Debi is a patient and dedicated instructor. -Bernie Williams