Fitness University

Students will be introduced to the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Fitness University is designed for groups to explore various healthy lifestyle opportunities. Activity opportunities will include single and multi-day events, both on and off-site. All tours will be fully insured, provide safe and clean transportation, certified guides and instructors, healthy meals, clean and safe lodging, and licensed security.
Chicago Fitness University Eight Week Sampler
Introduce your students to the numerous physical fitness activities available in Chicago! This eight week course is focused on exposure to a variety of activities, and less on mastery of a single skill.
Chicago Jazz and Hip Hop Dance Classes
Learn through expression and movement
Chicago Tumbling Classes
Promote health and physical education in order to develop a sound mind in a sound body
Chicago Bicycle Tour
Experience Chicago's Lakefront Neighborhoods on two wheels
Chicago Laser Tag
Exhilarating entertainment for the young and young at heart
Chicago Healthy Make Up Application for Young Women
Learn the different looks for a job interview, prom, dinner with the family and much more!
Chicago Sporting Events
Experience Chicago's local sports teams live
Chicago River Kayak Tour
This trip passes south through downtown, past the Willis (Sears) Tower and River City before landing at Ping Tom Park and the famous Pagoda on the edge of Chinatown.
Chicago Indoor Wall Climbing
Indoor climbing is becoming a popular fitness activity that not only helps students build physical strength, but also facilitates the development of problem-solving and decision-making skills. Educators who have incorporated climbing into their curriculum say students of all ages enjoy the safe activity which teaches them to work as a team, trust others, take positive risks and have confidence in themselves.
Chicago Lake Michigan Open Water Swim Instruction
Swimming lessons are an essential part of a child's education, and whether they learn to swim at school, or at private lessons, being able to swim increases confidence, and can become an enjoyable and healthy total fitness hobby.
Chicago Student Basketball Clinic
Participants will work with a local instructor to cover the basics of basketball strategy, fundamentals, and game-time situational plays.
Chicago Martial Arts at School
This non-combative, no contact form of martial arts instruction introduces students to the basic techniques for Tae Kwon Do blocks, kicks, and punches. These techniques are taught within a course framework that emphasizes sport, art, and self-defense - never fighting.
Jason is good! Thank you CEC for pairing our boys with an instructor that could capture their attention. Every teenage boy in our area thinks he is the next Kobe. Jason, captain of the 2008 Northwestern Wildcats Men's Basketball Team, showed them the importance of fundamentals and what it takes to be successful at basketball away from the park rims. Jason is a baller! -James Jackson