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Chicago Mexican Fine Arts Museum

Chicago Mexican Fine Arts MuseumPrivate Tour - $750

■45 Guests
■Private Tour
■Professional Tour Guide
■Lesson Plans

Available year round

Handicap Accessible

Group will be picked up in a clean bus and will meet a City of Chicago certified tour guide at The Mexican Fine Arts Museum.

The National Museum of Mexican Artís Education Department offers a great variety of quality and meaningful programs that utilize art and exhibitions to expand and increase the appreciation and understanding of Mexican art, history and culture. It develops cultural, bilingual, and arts-based programs and resources for students, teachers, children, families, youth, adults and the community.

At the National Museum of Mexican Art, tours are tailored to all ages and offer a great opportunity for visitors to understand the objects and concepts in the exhibitions. Often times, tours are enriched by live demonstrations from visiting artists or artists featured in the exhibition. Mexicanidad, Our Past Is Present is the permanent collection.

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Thank you to Mike and CEC for developing an outstanding professional development course for my school. Our teachers learned a lot and have practical resources to take into the classroom. You guys are the best! -Principal Debra Thomas